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15 Signs That Your Cat Might Be Stressed




Though we are a Maine Coon site, stress is a serious issue for any cat which is why this article is not specific to our featured breed.

Just like us, cats can experience feelings of stress which can cause them to suffer severe internal turmoil. As owners, we should learn to recognize the signs and then alleviate the underlying cause, especially if the cause is a health issue. If a cat suffers from stress for any length of time it can have a serious effect on its overall health and wellbeing.

Cats are quite good at masking stress and some of the clues are quite subtle. So here are 14 signs that your cat might be stressed for you to watch out for and act upon, especially if they manifest suddenly.

1. Spraying or Eliminating Outside of The Litter Box

Stressed cats are known to avoid using their litter boxes. So if your cat who usually uses the box all of the time suddenly goes elsewhere then stress could well be the cause.

Spraying or urinating around your home is a sure sign that all is not well. If your cat hasn’t been neutered or spayed this might be the time to speak to your vet about having ‘the operation’. However, if your cat has already been fixed there will be some other cause of this unsociable habit. It may be feeling the urge to mark its territory because it’s noticed a strange cat through a window but on some occasions, it may have developed a UTI (urinary tract infection). So if it becomes more than a one-off occurrence, watch out for a visiting feline and also visit your vet for a check-up.

If your cat begins to defecate outside of its litter box this could be for a variety of reasons. In a multi-cat household, another cat using the box first can put the second cat off using it. Or it could be your cat is struggling to enter the box due to old age or an injury, or doesn’t like the position of the box. If you’ve recently moved it, move it back or try a different new position if necessary.

Keeping the Litter box as clean as possible really helps. Having at least two litter boxes in a multi-cat household is also a good idea.

2. Hiding

Cats do love a quiet spot out of sight at times but if your cat is suddenly hiding a lot more and doesn’t emerge when you try to coax it out, stress could be a prime factor. If you have recently introduced a new pet into the household this could be the cause. Sometimes older cats hide because of an imagined danger brought on by the onset of Feline Cognitive Dysfunction (FCD). If the hiding carries on for more than one day, you should take your cat to the vet for an examination.

3. Excessive Grooming

Most cats groom themselves a few times a day but not to the point that they remove excessive amounts of fur. If your cat seems to be grooming non-stop and especially if bald spots start appearing then something is likely to be causing it to feel stressed. Sometimes it’s a new pet that is causing your cat to experience feelings of insecurity and you will have to work at settling your existing cat. Do this as soon as possible as your cat could get into an excessive grooming habit that’s had to break. Your cat could also have a medical condition causing a skin irritation so a trip to the vets may be necessary.

4. Excessive Shedding

If you notice a lot more of your cat’s fur shedding than you would expect for the time of year, stress could certainly be a contributing factor. Consider if something in your cat’s environment is causing it to fret and try to eliminate this trigger. Excessive shedding can also be caused by poor diet, an infection or an allergy so it’s advisable to seek the opinion of your vet.

5. Change in Sleeping Habits

Cats can quite happily sleep for up to 18 hours every day. This is not unusual behavior.

If your cat suddenly starts to sleep far more than usual, it could be a victim of stress. Loneliness and boredom might be the cause so try to play with and interact with your cat a lot more to alleviate these feelings. Provide it with plenty of toys and scratching posts to enrich its environment. It has almost 6,0000 5-star reviews, looks stylish and is great value for money. You can even by a few and wall mount them to make a fun climbing and scratching wall that any cat would love. If play and interaction don’t change your cat’s lazy habits, take a trip to the vets for a health check.

If your cat is sleeping noticeably less than usual, this is also a stress signal. Restlessness and the inability to relax mean something could be worrying your cat.

6. Decreased Appetite or Loss of Appetite

It is worrying when cats stop eating because they can dehydrate so quickly due to the fact that they get a lot of their fluids from their food (assuming they aren’t on a dry–food-only diet). Just like we lose out appetites when we feel nervous about an exam or a driving test, cats can lose theirs when they feel stressed. So if you notice your cat is barely eating or stops eating altogether ask yourself if anything in its environment could be making it feel stressed and try to eliminate the problem. This isn’t always easy, especially if the cause is a new household pet.

7. General Lethargy

If your cat becomes unusually lazy and reluctant to play or move about that much, then stress could be the culprit. Lethargy is a common stress symptom and boredom may be the issue. Again, an enriched environment and play is the key to curing this type of stress. It has thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers and is excellent value for money.

8. Excessive Vocalizing

If your cat meows, howls or ‘talks’ far more than usual, especially when it can’t see you, then take notice as something may be wrong. In older cat memory problems can bring about this type of behavior. Being alone in the dark can cause cats to feel disorientated and stressed. Consider using dawn till dusk night lights that plug into wall power sockets such. They are perfect for ensuring that your cat is never left completely in the dark. They are cheap to run too.

If your cat is vocalizing and seems in pain or ill, don’t take any chances and go straight to the vets. If excessive vocalization continues for a few days then even if there are no obvious symptoms of illness, take your cat for a general health check.

9. Increased Aggression

If your cat becomes aggressive or shows an increase in its usual aggression level towards people or other household pets, then stress may well be to blame. Quite often the aggression is not directed at the cause of the stress. Pain from an injury or an illness may be causing this unwanted behavior so don’t ignore it. Check your cat carefully for signs of an injury or anything unusual – a trip to the vets might be on the cards.

10. Skittish and Nervous Behavior

Stress can make a cat jumpy and nervous around people it is usually comfortable with. If your cat is suddenly more easily startled and runs a mile when you enter the room, then something is worrying it. As usual, try to eliminate the cause if it’s obvious – it might not be. A pet camera might be worth investing in as it will capture events that occur when you are away from the house – you might discover what is upsetting your cat.

11. High Heartrate

Stress can cause an elevated heart rate in cats. So if your cat’s heart rate is high (over 220 bpm when it’s resting) then stress or another medical condition could be the cause. You can measure your cat’s heartbeat by placing one hand over its left side, just behind its front leg. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds and multiply by four to get the heart rate in beats per minute (bpm). If your cat’s heart is over 220 bpm and resting doesn’t lower it, don’t take any chances – go straight to your vets.

12. Dilated Pupils

A cat’s pupils increase and decrease in size according to the amount of light. If your cat is in broad daylight yet its pupils are oversized, this is a sign it is feeling stressed and quite often this type of stress is caused by pain. Keep an eye on your cat and if its pupils don’t reduce fairly quickly you should really go to the vets.

13. Tail Tucked Down Between Legs

A confident and happy cat holds its tail high. A stressed cat often holds its tail down low, tucked between its legs.

14. Diarrhea or Constipation

Stress caused by a change in your cat’s environment can often cause changes to bowel movements. So if you notice your cat has diarrhea or constipation for more than a day there’s a chance your cat is feeling stressed. If you’ve just moved house or rearranged the furniture in your current home this could be the cause. If your cat doesn’t settle within a few days, speak to your vet for advice.

15. Excessive Scratching

Cats scratch if they have fleas or skin conditions but stress can also cause them to scratch excessively for no obvious reason. If your cat is free of fleas and has no other obvious skin complaint then it could be feeling stressed and you will need to determine why.


As you can see, stress can manifest itself in many ways in cats – some quite subtle and some far more obvious. Now you know what might be a symptom of stress the more difficult task you face is how to remove the cause.


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10 Ways to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water




Is the cat having issues with drinking water or not carrying in adequate water? From turning the faucet to getting ice cubes positioned in meals, these approaches will explain to you the way you can make sure your cat takes enough water.

Nearly all cats do not take inadequate water. Since cats are somewhat self explanatory, we have a tendency to believe they are conscious in their wellbeing, and many times they have a tendency to. However, I’ve learned the importance of getting your cat drink sufficient water with a health scare that entailed a cat which has been dehydrated. Therefore, does your kitty not drink water whatsoever or your cat does not drink enough water? We’ve listed out the truth which are important in regards to the consumption of water from cats, getting the cat to consume more water along with other details.

If a cat doesn’t drink water in any way, there might be severe health complications. Several years ago, my kitty that’s named Pugsley was remaining largely from the litter box, trying quite tough to urine. Nothing could come out. I got a sense that this was not a normal phenomenon. As soon as I held it to select this up near its center, it cried out in a means that demonstrates it is pain, I felt there was a problem with the cat. It was a night on a Friday in 10 p.m and that I immediately took it straight to the emergency vet. Thank God I did this once I did it.

Pugsley’s noodle got blocked by urinary stones — that is one of the side effects which afflict cats with no adequate consumption of water, or so the cat maybe not drinking water in any way. The stones are somewhat like a soft’plug’ of substances that are compressible that’s composed of minerals, mucus-looking protein in addition to cell. Urine will not depart the entire body of this cat, so the liver finds out it not able to carry toxins out from their bloodstream or maintain electrolytes in addition to fluids in check.

Fortunately, Pugsley obtained its remedy in time, howeverI had been advised from the vet that the best approach to prevent him from obstructing again and possibly opting for operation was supposed to make sure that the cat remains hydrated. You better understand that I started searching for answers to find the kitty to take in more water.

However a urethra that is blocked isn’t the sole medical complication that’s brought on by the cat not taking in water. Much like people, the urinary health of their cat is linked directly to the ingestion of water, therefore problems such as crystals in addition to diseases of the urinary tracts aren’t likely in a cat that’s properly hydrated.

Your cat’s digestive can also be enhanced whenever your cat raises its consumption of plain water. It’s become my priority to try everything I could in order to make my kitty to take in more water.

10. Change your cat’s diet to largely wet-food components

Foods which are provided in cats typically consume more content. According to what my vet advised mepersonally, this is the easiest way of finding the kitty to take in more water and to prevent the entire breakage of their cat.

In case your furry friend refused to take from the food that includes water, then add broth or water into the standard dry food and return to see if he’ll eat it. If the kitty prefers canned meals, you ought to add water or broth in order to boost its content. Many cats enjoy the soupy temperament of this mix.


9. Consider inserting ice cubes to the cat’s meals

It increases the water content and it’s also much like a cat’s deal with. The block absorbs the taste of their food, and every time the cat pops the block, he receives more water. Inserting ice cubes to the water bowl of this kitty just may work if the cat won’t narrative in water. Some cats prefer to participate in water together with all the icy-cold quality, fairly much as a few folks do.

8. Drink smaller meals more often

Eating generates the demand for water to be absorbed, so a kitty that’s not drinking enough water can take in more water, even as it eats often.

7. Water bowls should be put throughout the Home

You ought to simplify the procedure for finding the cat to drink any water by putting several water channels around the home. A cat that isn’t drinking water whatsoever could be a result of how the cat has been denied appropriate access to water. My cat named Romeo likes to drink water from my private cups. Putting a couple of drinking glasses at certain particular locations at the home may lure the kitty to absorb water more frequently.

6. Know about the water bowl place

A cat that’s not drinking water can dislike the place of its bowl. Can you drink a cup of water when it had been put together with your bathroom?

5. Ensure that the bowls have been refilled regularly

Cats do adore fresh water and we can not blame them . Make sure that the water has been changed to get at a minimum of after on a daily basis and wash out the bowl entirely by frequently using soap and water to prevent it from getting gross and slimy.

4. Consider utilizing the faucet

If the cat enjoys running water, then have a complete advantage of this chance to allow it to drink water ! A cat that does not take in water might require one to accommodate drinking water into a fun game. It is possible to try leaving the faucet running for a while severally through the day. Insert it in your everyday morning in addition to evening regular, for example, and also make some outstanding bonding period…while ingesting a cold and long cup of water!

3. Add some flavor into the water

A cat that’s not taking water may take to drinking water that’s flavored! Your cats are easily coerced to consume more water when the beverage is flavored a bit with the addition of chicken broth or carrot juice.

Vast majority of cats enjoy drinking from fountains. It might take them a while to become accommodated to it, but when they perform they will fall in love with it. Fountains are attractive because the water that goes brings the cat and its freshness is continuing. This is useful if you are inclined to overlook altering the bowl of their cat on a daily basis.

2. Consider using different bowl kinds for cats

A cat that’s not taking water may take to drinking water that’s flavored! Your cats are easily coerced to consume more water when the beverage is flavored a bit with the addition of chicken broth or carrot juice.

Vast majority of cats enjoy drinking from fountains. It might take them a while to become accommodated to it, but when they perform they will fall in love with it. Fountains are attractive because the water that goes brings the cat and its freshness is continuing. This is useful if you are inclined to overlook altering the bowl of their cat on a daily basis.

1. Consider using different bowl kinds for cats

additionally you are able to move and contain drinking bowls on the listing. Test a couple of choices (stainless steel, glass, ceramic or plastic ) and you might learn that the cat enjoys a specific option.

The primary problem to note about a cat That Doesn’t drink water

Ensuring your furry friend takes in more water has many advantages and it helps to stop the hazardous health problems that afflict a kitty that’s dehydrated. More waterthe cat pees morecompared to the kitty is healthful =everyone is happier!

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