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Jennifer Lopez says ‘the Bronx came out’ when director asked her to remove shirt




Jennifer Lopez recently shared her own #MeToo experience, revealing that a director once asked her to remove her top while off-set.

The “Hustlers” actress, 50, explained that the moment caught her off guard, as there was another woman in the room when he made the jarring request.

“He wanted to see my boobs,” Lopez told fellow stars Laura Dern, Scarlett Johansson, Renee Zellweger, Awkwafina and Lupita Nyong’o during a roundtable discussion with The Hollywood Reporter. “I said, ‘no,’ I stood up for myself. But it was so funny because I remember being so panicked in the moment.”

She continued, “And by the way, there was a costume designer in the room with me. So there was another woman in the room and he says this and I said no.”

Lopez also relied on her New York upbringing when handling the pervy request.

“Luckily, a little bit of the Bronx came out, and I was like, ‘I don’t have to show you my — No. On the set, you see them.’”

She added that setting a precedent of what she wouldn’t do served her well in the long run.

“That’s the thing, because if you give in, in that moment, all of a sudden that person is off and running, thinking they can do whatever they want,” she said. “And because I put up a little boundary right there and said no, he laid off and then later on apologized. But the minute he walked out of the room the costume designer was like, ‘I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry that just happened.’”

Despite Johansson asking who it was, Lopez remained tight-lipped, careful not to name names.


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15 Bizarre Signs That Could Mean You Have a Brain Tumor




A headache can give you the fleeting idea that you have a brain tumor. Sure, your pain likely went away after a while. But you should know that symptoms can include nearly anything imaginable depending on the brain tumor’s location, explains Prevention. Here are the strange signs that could mean you have a brain tumor, including one bizarre symptom that’s easily overlooked .

1. Short-term memory loss

An older couple looking at paper work | Janek Skarzynski/AFP/Getty Images

Feeling forgetful? It could just be that you’re getting older — but it may also be a sign that you’ve developed a brain tumor. Dr. Theodore Schwartz tells Prevention that most people with brain tumors are more likely to have trouble with their memory than they are to have more dramatic symptoms.

It’s also important to note that some may also experience more severe, long-term memory loss. If you have a tumor, you may also notice you’re having trouble retrieving older memories.

2. Depression

Older woman looking out the window | Dmitry Berkut/iStock/Getty Images

We know by now that major depressive disorder is increasingly common and can arise due to various factors. But if you’re experiencing a few of the symptoms on this list and feeling down, it may be a sign you have a brain tumor.

ABTA notes depression is very common amongst those with tumors, with an estimated one in four dealing with a major depressive disorder while having one. And remember: Major depression is far longer-lasting than just feeling sad for a few days. It will likely impact every aspect of your daily life.

Next: A favorite pastime for many may become more difficult for you. 

3. Difficulty reading or writing

Senior couple reading a map | jacoblund/iStock/Getty Images

If you love spending a night in with a good book, this becomes vastly more difficult if you’ve developed a brain tumor. Everyday Health explains certain cognitive problems, like the ability to read, write, and understand language, are a huge challenge for many with this condition. Not only that, but the treatments can also cause problems here.

A decline in your ability to read and write (or concentrate on conversations or the media you’re consuming) may be so gradual you barely notice, though. In this case, you’re likely to notice the difference when it all comes back to you after the tumor has been taken care of.

Next: This uncomfortable physical symptom is definitely alarming. 

4. Numbness in the body or face explains if a tumor obstructs your sensory structures, it’s common for certain senses to feel muddled. Also, in this case, you may feel numbness or tingling through your body or face.

Dr. Schwartz tells Prevention that tumors that form on the brain stem are also likely to cause a physical loss of sensation, as this is the place where your brain connects with your spinal cord. Even if you don’t have a tumor, unusual numbness is typically a cause for concern, so always bring it up to your doctor.

Next: It might be food poisoning — or it could be something more. 

5. Nausea

Man feeling nauseous |

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact source of nausea in many cases. But if you’re experiencing frequent bouts of feeling sick, Verywell explains it could be a brain tumor that’s causing the issue.

Pay particular attention to how you’re feeling in the morning. If you’re vomiting upon waking up — despite whether you actually feel nauseous or not — this is an indicator that you may have a brain tumor. Abrupt changes, such as rolling over in bed, can trigger this response.

Next: You may just chalk this up to getting older, but don’t ignore it. 

6. Clumsiness

A doctor holding a senior’s hand | Zhenikeyev/iStock/Getty Images

If you’re fumbling every time you go to grab something you need, it may be easy to ignore. But you should know that an increase in clumsiness could be a sign of a serious problem. Dr. Schwartz tells Prevention that brain tumors can affect your body in many ways, and if you’re struggling with balance or missing steps when you walk, this isn’t a normal sign of aging you should just get used to.

Clumsiness can also show up around your head, too. If you’re having trouble controlling your facial expressions, this loss of control is a sign.

Next: You should pay attention to how well your ears are working these days.

7. Loss of hearing

Woman puts on a hearing aid | robertprzybysz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

You can blame it on all the concerts you went to growing up, but a sudden decrease in your ability to hear is never a normal thing. Like sudden vision loss, hearing loss can also come from a brain tumor in the same part of the brain.

When a tumor changes your hearing, it may not affect both ears equally, either. Many have reported one-sided hearing loss or separate ringing in the ears, says Verywell.

Next: This is the weirdest symptom yet. 

8. Growth of hands and feet

Pair of men’s worn leather boots in the doorway of a home | jodiejohnson/iStock/Getty Images

As stated before, your pituitary gland is responsible for releasing hormones. When a large tumor presses on this gland, many bodily functions can go seriously awry — and you may also notice your shoe size getting bigger. If you’re suddenly seeing that your hands and feet have become larger, a tumor in this area of the brain may be to blame, explains. In addition, women may also see other hormonal changes, like lactation or changes in their menstrual cycle if they’re pre-menopausal.

Next: This is a seriously concerning symptom.

9. Hallucinations

Senior couple arguing | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Think you’re hearing things? Verywell explains your temporal lobe is most involved in your ability to speak and hear clearly. When a tumor obstructs this area, a number of things can happen — and this includes auditory hallucinations. also explains tumors in this location of the brain can cause you to see things that aren’t really there, either. Alternatively, if your hallucination isn’t this severe, you may have trouble distinguishing the size of objects near you.

Next: Your friends and family will probably notice this symptom before you do.

10. Sudden changes in personality

Group of senior friends at an outdoor dinner party | monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Many with brain tumors experience some sort of personality change, and it can range from subtle to severe. And like the mood swings, if the frontal or temporal lobes are the ones that are affected by the tumor, then you’re more likely to see changes in the way you’re acting, thinking, or feeling. Also, tumors in the pituitary gland can also have an effect, as this area of the brain controls hormones.

If you’re receiving treatment for a tumor, you may also notice some personality changes here, too. The Brain Tumour Charity notes surgery, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy may have an impact, but with recovery, those changes will pass.

Next: We all feel this way from time to time, but take note if it’s a constant for you.

11. Sleeplessness and a lack of energy

Senior woman sleeping on bed in bedroom | Wavebreakmedia/Getty Images

We all could use more sleep these days. But if you’re getting your eight hours of shuteye per night and you’re still feeling your energy levels drop significantly each day, you’ll want to pay attention. Verywell explains a tumor in the pituitary gland is likely to affect how much energy you have.

Additionally, many brain tumor treatments are also likely to affect your energy levels. If you’re going through treatment, a healthy diet and regular exercise can help.

Next: You may just need a new pair of glasses — or not.

12. Changes in vision

Elderly man examined by an ophthalmologist | Seb_ra/iStock/Getty Images

Over time, it’s natural for your vision to worsen. But sudden changes in how well you can see are cause for concern. Verywell reports that you should pay special attention if you’re noticing flashing lights, double vision, blurriness, or a loss of your ability to see.

Also, if you notice one pupil of your eye is dilated, this could be a sign of an emergency situation with a tumor involving the brainstem. And notes an inability to look upward could also point to a tumor near the pineal gland.

Next: This scary symptom doesn’t always look like it does in the movies

13. Seizures

Senior woman fallen down | KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock/Getty Images

Surprisingly, this may be one of the first signs that there’s major trouble in your brain, Prevention reports. Dr. Schwartz explains that brain tumors can cause irritation that “makes the [brain’s] neurons fire uncontrollably, and you get abnormal movements.”

While you may envision a seizure looking like sudden, jerky movements, they actually take many forms. In some cases, only one part of the body or face can cause unusual jerking or flexing. Or in other cases, a seizure can cause to stare into space and not see your surroundings.

Next: Communicating with your friends and family might be harder than ever.

14. Difficulty talking

A younger woman shows an older woman something on a tablet. | franz12/iStock/Getty Images

You might blame it on feeling tired, but having altered speech problems is a huge sign that something’s up with your brain. Verywell explains if you’re slurring your speech or having a difficult time saying your words clearly, you may have a tumor. Additionally, take note if those around you tell you that you’re making little sense when you talk, as rearranging your sentences is also a bad sign. You may also have a problem understanding others when they’re speaking, too.

Next: Feeling great one day and bad the next may also be a sign.

15. Mood swings

Wife comforting her senior husband | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Maybe you’re just having an emotional day — but there could be a lot more going on below the surface when it comes to mood swings. Of course, rapid changes in mood alone aren’t enough to suspect a brain tumor is present. But you should be aware that if there is a tumor, it’s probably in your frontal lobe or temporal lobe in this case, says ABTA. These areas of the brain are responsible for personality and behavior. And over half of those with malignant brain tumors experience symptoms like mood swings.


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Marcel Vigneron marries Lauren Rae Levy




Marcel Vigneron married Lauren Rae Levy at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, Calif., we’re told.

The newlyweds hosted a three-day weekend of festivities, with guests including fellow former contestants from the Bravo show Hung Huynh, Michael Voltaggio, Spike Mendelsohn and Food Network’s Taylor Erickson.

Also there was “Southern Charm’s” Ashley Jacobs.

The bride wore two handmade Galia Lahav gowns and serenaded Vigneron with a rendition of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”


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9 Worst TV Series Finales Of All Time




Ah, the TV series finale. Devoted fans pay years look their favorite TV shows speculative “How can it all end?” sadly, not eachnice show will stick the landing.

Here area unit the twelve worst series finales in TV history.

1. Roseanne
With the highly-anticipated come back of ’90s TV juggernaut Roseanne on March twenty seven, North American nation|allow us to} always remember that the initial run gave us one amongthe foremostmaligned series finales within the history of tv.

The show delineate a “typical” proletariatyank family for years, howeverthe ultimate season introduced a replacement twist: they won the lottery! cross-check all the neat stuff they’ll have and do!

But it all came to a stop on the series’ last episode, whereverit had beendisclosed that none of it had very happened: they ne’er won the lottery, family patriach Dan had very died of a heart failure, daughters Becky and Darlene had been chemical analysisevery other’s boyfriends the total time, and also the entire series had been a story the character Roseanne had written wherever she modified aspects of her family’s life. The outlandish finale undid years of investment viewers had place into the characters’ lives, effort fans perplexed and angry.

2. however I Met Your Mother
Diehard fans and casual viewers alike despised this one. once waiting 9 seasons to examineWHO the mother would prove to be, it clad to be somebody whose solely purpose was to possessthe youngstersto inform the story to, in order thatplug-uglycan be united with the $64000 love of his life, Robin… WHO had last been seen marrying his succor. The writers mightne’er be forgiven for this one.

3. Dexter
So many individualsdespised this finale that the producers had to elucidate themselves to reporters subsequently. 0.5 the fun of look this serial-killer-hunting-serial-killers was speculativeonce his past would catch up to him. Even once he marries and encompasses a son, it’s looming over him that it might all come backunmitigated down.

But it ne’erverywill, except that he pulls things down upon himself. He appears to pay money for his crimes once his last kill, drowning within the water whereversuch a lot of of his victims’ bodies lie… on the other hand, in a verywholeextraending, he’s shown to possess faked his death and hidden himself in another identity. currently he’s a lumberjack, and he’s okay! thatcontinues to be not even remotely okay with the fans.

4. Lost
Throughout the series’ run fans were enthralled by all the bizarreness and cryptic symbolism. Polar bears. Smoke monsters. The Dharma Initiative. “Jacob.” What did it all mean? Viewers were convinced that thereunder all there was an exactrationalization. That is, tillthe ultimate episode wherever the writers admitted they were simplycreating stuff up on the meansassociated tacked on an ending that exposed all the characters reunited within thelifetime. Okay, great, however what was the purpose of it all?

5. St. Elsewhere
This common doctor drama set at the fictional St. Eligius hospital was one amongthe foremost beloved shows of uncomparablethroughout its Eighties run, however its finale createdeverybody shake their heads. Why? as a result of, yet again, none of it had happened, it had beenbushed the mind of associateunfitchildviewing a snow globe with a reproduction of St. Eligius in it. sowithin the credits, the assembly company (MTM) killed off their kitten being. No, seriously.

6. CSI
The 14-season-long juggernaut of a police procedural had jumped the shark ages before, however the last episode was a soul device. They’d killed off or “transferred” most of the remainder of the cohesive solid long before however tried to bring them back for one last show. Stokes (George Eads) aforesaid no thanks in order that theyunbroken his half in it however had an additional say his lines.

Willows (Marg Helgenberger), who’d gone off to the feds, came back with a bromide “I savvyto prevent the bomb!” plot, and also the worst of all, long-suffering Sarah Sidle (Jorja Fox) had finally gotten her life back alongonce separating from ex Gil Grissom, and was on the verge of being promoted to the top of the CSI department… on the other hand Grissom waltzes into her life and she or he ditches it all to travel back to him. while not him even asking her to.

7. Dinosaurs
This common ’90s broadcast from The Jim Henson Company asterisked rubber-suited dinosaurs with animatronic faces and spawned a number ofcommon catchphrases from Baby Sinclair (“I’m the baby, gotta love me!” and “Not the Mama!”). thushowever did this cute, funny series from the creators of The Muppets end? however else?

All the dinosaurs died off. Literally, there was associate industrial accident appreciate a catastropheand that they all froze to death, even the catchphrase-spouting baby. A serious environmental message to take care, however not preciselyfun riot.

8. ALF
This alternativeamicable puppet broadcaststarassociate alien known as Alf (short for “alien life form”) was a huge hit for youths and adults alike within the ’80s. Alf even had his own breakfast cereal!

But within thefinish, Alf fell victim to a different accidental cliffhanger ending and was last seen near to be cleft by evil government agents. make a case for that one to your youngsters.

9. Mork And Mindy
What started as a joke anaglyph on Happy Days landed Robin Williams his signature TV role, the goofy alien Mork living in trendystate capital with a lady named Mindy. Eventually they got married and, in a veryprobably misguided ploy for ratings, had a large alien baby contend by 56-year-old comedian eating apple Winters.

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